Our Mission

Our vision is to make labs all over the country energy efficient.
We provide low cost and minimally invasive tools to detect and analyze energy inefficiencies
to provide targeted information to do something awesome.

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About Us

The Lab Energy Assessment Center (LEAC) is a new organization founded from a grant won from the MIT Green Labs program. The goal of the LEAC is to work in conjunction with Green Labs and MIT Sustainability to promote resourceful energy usage by providing energy assessments free of charge to labs on campus.

The Problem

Did you know MIT buildings with labs consume 300% more energy than any other buildings on campus? This makes labs a primary target for reducing wasteful uses of energy and creating a more sustainable environment.

Our Solution

We compile data to form a comprehensive report detailing power consumption patterns and work in collaboration with lab users to recommend energy-saving and sustainable practices.

Our Services

We use a custom built monitoring network designed by researchers
at MIT's Device Research Lab that uses smart outlets and computer vision software.

  • Monitoring:
    Smart Outlets

    We fix every outlet with a smart Wemo outlet, which sends live energy consumption data to our server.

  • Monitoring:
    Computer Vision

    For power sources hardwired into the labs (ex. fume hoods, lights), we use a computer vision software that identifies on/off states, and accordingly calculates energy usage.

  • Glove Recycling

    We set up a glove recycling programs to make your lab greener and raise awareness of green practices.

  • Water Management

    We can outfit your lab with low flow faucet aerators, which provide high pressure flow with less water.

  • Remote Access

    Forgot to turn the lights off? No problem. We can set up the wemo outlets, so that you can remotely switch off any plugged-in equipment

  • Personal Plan

    We will monitor the state energy usage of your lab for some time. Then, after sufficient data has been collected, we will form a personalized action plan for your lab that shows ways energy can saved.

Want your lab involved?

We'd love to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. Contact Us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!